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The Zone In Mobile App for iOS is now live!

We’re proud to announce that the first iteration of our mobile app is now live on the iPhone!

Check out the app at the iTunes store:

Zone In iOS mobile app

It’s FREE, and you can use the Zone In app while you’re on the move to find out about fun and interesting events that are happening near you right now, or in the near future!


We’re rolling out our Associates Scheme!

We’re excited to announce that we’re officially launching our Associates scheme for Zone In.

One of the challenges for a new company like us is getting our name out there. We’re excited at the possibility of partnering with our users to grow our brand, bring new experiences to the organizations you care about, and share our financial successes.

Associates will recommend their friends and contacts to our service, and earn commission on ticket sales from events they organize.

How it Works:

  • Associates are paid 20% of the profit from ticket sales that Zone In makes from users and organizations they refer, for a year.
  • They start making commission as soon as their first referred user sells their first ticket.
  • There’s no cap on the amount they can earn!
  • As a bonus, Associates also earn a 20% discount on the box office costs of any events they organize.
  • The referred users will be exclusively granted a 20% discount on their ticket fees – just as a reward for signing up via the referral!

That’s it! Being an Associate is totally free, and there is no obligation to refer anyone – or do anything at all, actually. But if you know an organization or group that’s looking to expand its ticket sales and offer listings on a wider market, this makes it simple for you to put them in touch, and allows us to reward both you and them for doing so.

To get started:

Just visit Zone In and click the Earn Commission link on the menu. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up in thirty seconds here.

Once you’re logged in, click the Commission and Discounts link on the menu. You can immediately join the Associates scheme and start referring friends.

That’s it! We ask that you join us, and that you’ll ask your friends to join us too.

Good luck, and thank you!

The Zone In team

Zone In

Welcome to the Zone In Blog!

I’m typing this approximately 30 minutes after setting up our spam protection, and 45 minutes after setting up the initial styling of the pages.  Although this blog is an almost-hollow vessel right now, I hope that as time passes, we can fill it with the latest developments, triumphs and trials of our brand-new company and web service: Zone In.

Zone In is all about finding things to do — whether that means planning for next weekend, or crossing the street to join an event you didn’t even realize was starting.

We’re constantly expanding our listings of what’s on, and we’re also eager to get people organizing their own events through the site and inviting their friends. We’re only just starting to get the word out about Zone In — really, the only way from here is up. It’s an exciting time.